FIDAFONE – 853B 220V / 110V 540W Preheating Station for BGA PCB Recycling Station Hot Air Preheating / Desoldering

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1. Fast heating, in just a few seconds you can reach the set temperature; Continuous work, is superior to similar products;
2. Built-in temperature sensing device, temperature stability;
3. With 850D, 852D+ hot air outlet and 942,936 anti-static soldering station, the largest class of chip (BGA) and others have fast desoldering as.
4. Suitable for factories and enterprises for circuit maintenance, telephone control board and computer motherboard repair

Technical Parameters:
Input voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz~60Hz
Temperature range: 100℃~350℃
Air volume range: 0.18m3/min
Output power: 540W


Circuit board tuned to process components in the center of the output. Depending on the size of the elements, the thickness of the circuit board, the melting point of the circuit board tin,
Adjust the temperature (note that the temperature adjustment is very important to master, or may damage the PCB,
The temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will cause the PCB board deformation to burn, on the contrary, the temperature is too low and the components will not fall).
Turn on the power switch and the heating switch, the temperature rises and quickly reaches a constant element, the tin point of the foot melts, remove the element.

Note: Therefore, when the PCB pin solder points of the corresponding elements are close to the melting point, please do not immediately remove the PCB,
Should first turn off the heating, cooling, waiting for the PCB temperature at room temperature.


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