Soldering Flux Paste FidaFone Solder Welding Grease 80ml


FIDAFONE Soldering Flux Paste Solder Welding Grease 80ml.

Flux facilitates the flow of solder, providing for more controlled and accurate soldering
Solder will flow wherever flux is applied
Increases efficiency and expedites the soldering process, taking less time to get the solder to flow where you need it
Allows the solder to form strong, long-lasting mechanical and electrical bonds
Prevents corrosion by forming a protective coating over the solder joint
Method of use :
Soldering Paste flux is used to facilitate soldering. It cleans and prevents metal oxidation which allows
the solder to create strong, long-lasting mechanical and electrical bonds. It also acts as a wetting agent,
increasing the flow of solder and the efficiency of the soldering process.

Type: Soldering Paste 80ml
The shape is similar to the butter-like paste. High bond strength, PH value neutral, insulation resistance,
welding surface smooth. For mobile phones, PC cards, and other sophisticated electronic chip-level flux welding.
1, the flux is very effective.
2, IC and PCB for no corrosive.
3, only slightly higher than the boiling point of the melting point of the solder.


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