Mechanic 2023 corn screwdriver set


mechanic 2023 corn screwdriver set.

steel gun, noise reduction bearing: special bit! Magnesium silicon
alloy 1 powerful magnet, new flagship quality screwdriver-small steel

Six kinds of “, tough guy threads, special for special models, each of
the appearance is deduced from maintenance technicians, tough guys,
steel”, full of vigor

Noise reduction, bearing, after 10,000+ times of testing, strictly
control the quality, the bearing is not stuck, the duration of one
rotation is up to 1 minute

Magnesium-silicon alloy material, material hardness and wear resistance are 300% higher than ordinary materials

Super hard”, special bit, on the basis of S2 steel, adding chromium,
molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium and other alloy elements to improve
hardenability, toughness, wear resistance and heat resistance

The ultimate, grip, look and feel improved, giving you a comfortable disassembly experience


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