ChargerLAB POWER-Z MFi Cable Tester MF001

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ChargerLAB POWER-Z MFi Cable Tester MF001.

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Product description:

ChargerLAB POWER-Z MF001The front is a pure black design style, and the outer layer adopts acrylic panel. It looks very low, steady and white.The brand logo of the color radium sculpture “POWER-Z” is also particularly eye-catching against the background color.

The fuselage is about 112mm (long) x57mm (wide) x14mm (thick), and the front is equipped with a large LCD screen of about 64.5mm in length and 39mm in width. The large screen display can display more and more complete test information to the user, and bring the user visual enjoyment that the non-ordinary test tools can achieve.

MF001 The main shell part is made of a whole piece of aluminum alloy material and is formed by an integral molding process. It is made of abundant materials and has a thick feel. It gives people a very strong, pigmented and pigmented feeling, no matter how it looks or feels.

In addition,The four corners of the POWER-Z MF001 shell are designed for fillet transition, and the chamfering process is used for the edge position, which makes the whole product blend a bit of roundness and softness under the hard appearance, and the anodic oxidation + grinding treatment is used on the surface of the shell, which makes the feel of the whole product become very delicate. It also played the role of skid resistance and scratch resistance.

a switch, a buzzer, and a MicroUSB interface, which can be used to charge devices or connect computers for firmware updates.

Product Specifics:

  • Item Type: Adapter


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